Mr. Eric North, Principal

Welcome letter from Principal North!


What an AMAZING start to the school year we are having at Wingate Elementary School.

My name is Eric North and I am honored to write that I am the new Principal at our school.  I have been very fortunate to have worked in around native schools throughout the country during my educational career {9 years at Hopi Jr/Sr High, 14 years with the MIlle Lacs Band of Ojibwe, and 9 years as the School Safety Specialist for the BIE-Albuquerque Office}.  Through my past experience I have learned that OUR students are a valuable asset and that if we set our expectations high OUR students will reach those goals and exceed them.


We have some of the smartest students in the country and together with your help we will support them in fulfilling their dreams of success.  I look forward to meeting you personally at activities here at the school, at activities away from the school, or when you come to visit our campus.


Positive changes are coming and with that student success.


"Success for All"


Eric North

"Proud" Principal and 

New Bear Cub


Welcome Mr. North!



Mrs. Debi Wero, Registrar

Phone:  505-488-6306

Fax:  505-488-6340

Registration open Monday - Friday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

School Liaison


Phone:  (505) 488-6352

Fax:  (505) 488-6312

Business Tech

Ms. Genevieve Sandoval, Business Tech  

Phone:  505-488-6305      

Fax:  505-488-6312

Business Tech

Mrs. Miltina Haskie, Business Tech

Phone:  505-488-6302

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Supervisor - Leonard Sam 

Bus Driver - Bobby Lee

Bus Driver - Amos Francisco

Bus Driver - Daryl Morris 

Bus Driver - Jay W. Long

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Residential Phone Numbers

DORM A:  6th-8th Grade Boys

Travis Martin, Manager

(505) 488-6357 or 6358

DORM C:  6th-8th Grade Girls

Helen Jake, Manager

(505) 488-6354 or 6362

Residential Clerk

Norma Muskett, HLA

(505) 488-6355

DORM B:  1st-5th Grade Boys

Travis Martin, Manager

(505) 488-6357 or 6358

DORM D:  1st-5th Grade Girls

Vera Cardy, Manager

(505) 488-6364 or 6363


Residential Counselor

Darlene Perry

(505) 488-6531